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As a solution for the difficulties people face when they can not found toilets in public places MECCNOUR carrying a project for installing Microwaves public toilets operated by mobile phone management and allow people to open and enter and use and pay the services by sending mobile phone sms to opening door short code.

High Light 2:
MECCNOUR present advanced communications solutions for safety apparel and equipment used in hazardous jobs. Our products are used by military,police,fire rescue and industrial professionals. In addition we offer comprehensive product development, design and manufacturing services to companies seeking to integrate world-leading technology into their products.
Featured project: The project is a work shop focus in teaching teenagers how to get and use technology the project work shop will take place in Egypt and Finland during the 2009 summer
MECC facilitated the export of 60 ambulances from Finland to Saudi Arabia.


MECC facilitated the export of 61 pcs Chevy Van ambulances 20.4.2000 from Finland to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This was the first time for Saudi Arabia to import ambulances from Finland and/or from Europ. The vechicles converted to ambulances in Profile component factory which located in Iisalmi town in the province of Northern Savo in Finland ( Profile component company now a days Profile Group). The deal resulted in MECC being awarded the best consultant award during the year 2001 and resulted in Profile component being recognised as a manufacturer of high quality ambulances, latter on resulted in profile component LTD a second deal to export 51 GMC Profile Ambulances to Kuwait.

Acted as an agent for Nokia Network's Actionet program throughout Egypt.
MECC recognized the need for the Actionet programme in Egypt, MECC presented the programme as the best avalible solution for managing and tracking the tourest busses traffic in Egypt. MECC acted as an agent for Nokia Network's Actionet programme throughout Egypt.
The first to launch the SMS2TV with one of the largest viewed TV channel in Middle East (Dream TV).
On the Year 2001 MECC present to Mobinile and to Vodafone a new software enabling the subscribers to send SMS 2 TV, No one recognized how this software will work as a money making machine but MECC signed an exclusive agreement with Dram TV and services agreement with both Mobinile and Vodafone, both operator recognized the traffic income therefore they built a new SMSC with bigger capabilities allowing the SMS high traffic to pass through, TV viewer sent a hundred thousands of SMS to TV daily and now a days it is over million SMS daily. MECC was the first company to launch the SMS 2 TV and allowed several TV channel to finance themselves by generating income from the SMS 2 tv by sharing the income with the operator. the traffic revenues sharing as a model for such business was created for such business in Egypt by MECC as a solution for both parties: The TV channels who broadcasting SMS in it's screen and Operator as services provider.
MECC acted as a PR consultant in Finland to the then Posti bank in 1997 it is one of the leading Banks in Finland.
Recently MECC working in project for building up a video center enabling the TV to be viewed in the PC.